Jan 15, 2010


DIY computer case......out of cardboard..? Yes Recompute, a sustainable desktop computer design by Brenden Macaluso and produced by Montoroso (supposedly). I say supposedly because http://www.montoroso.com/ doesn't have any info what so ever, but that doesn't matter! All I really care about is the idea of the custom computer case built out of cardboard.

Genius? Maybe, some skeptics (including myself) wondered about overheating and performance issues. I mean, I wouldn't exactly outfit my main tower like this. Especially because of the load I put on my computer. Though if you are looking for a computer that you would use for word processing, internet, and email it probably would fair nicely. I would imagine that a lot more heat would transfer in and out, especially compared to acrylic cases. Problem really is cardboard tends to trap heat and the position of the fan seems strange to me. My first thought would be to put the fan so that it utilized the corrugation for air flow and not just positioning it in the all to normal spot.

Looking under the cardboard hood we find out that it is a fairly bare computer. Motherboard, power supply, and hard drive are all that are in this pc. They don't have all the specs out yet, but check it out for yourself (link)

Great idea I would say over all. They are definitely helping solve the very large issue of computer disposal and I will be trying to make myself a cardboard case for my old dell.

Link to Recompute here