Feb 24, 2010

I'm sorry, but wtf

So first read this.......................

Then listen:
I read elsewhere that the reason why she did this was because she was angry at her friends for being angry at her that she ditched them at the club. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, to make them feel sorry and care about her she told them she had been raped.

Attention whore? yes!

Thus the supposed rapist went to jail, but now FOUR YEARS LATER she feels BAD that SHE LIED.

Of course she will be going to jail, but only for a possible 3 years and is up for bail at 1 year. As far as I am concerned she should receive the exact same time that he got.

Feb 17, 2010

Something for 2010-2011 BFA Candidates

I wanted to throw this up now hoping that some of the current Digital Art Students who are looking to apply for the BFA would see this. This is something that I wish someone would have told before so I would have hit the ground running.

Many of you probably have a lot of questions about what this 5th year in Portland is all about. Well, a lot of it is self driven work that YOU (thats right YOU) are interested in. It is about doing projects that you have thought of but never had the time to accomplish these last 4 years.

I would say not to come in with a very set goal of what you are going to do, but with the mindset that you will produce a lot of work.

The classes are as structured as you make them! For our class we meet twice a week and share weekly what we have been working on and how our projects have advanced in 7 days. We also share side projects like the Lip Sync videos Liz Bayan and I make. Daniel, Nawal, Chris and I made a collaborative t-shirt brand called Dull Pen and sold some shirts at an auction. I am also continuing my work from that show of the PDX Streets and will hopefully get the Upper Playground store in Portland to sell them. Another goal that I set for myself was to make 1 new vinyl character a week, sadly I have failed myself. I am about 6 weeks behind on characters, but still will keep the goal.

I would say my big thing is keep busy and keep doing what interests you. The last 4 years you have been handed projects and if you were like me you didn't do much outside of the required projects. Now is the time to make up for that slacker mentality. Unplug yourself from World of Warcraft and go make an illustration about the time Michael Salter told you that he picks his nose.

This is a very jumbled collection of thoughts that I have thrown out and I do apologize for the poor arrangement of the English language that I call my writing.

I hope you are showing this at the lecture that is happening right now (feb17, 5:46). Anyway good luck and CHECK OUT OUR BLOGS it is good insight to how the year works.

thanks bye

Business Cards

I know they look like an actors business card, but they would just be amazing awesome.

I am making these on moo.com

Digital Arts We dun gud!

I really want to know who did this cause they are awesome.

Feb 14, 2010

Barbie is now smarter then you!

The newest Barbie on the market will be Computer Engineer Barbie, which will be her 126th career. Matel had Barbie fans vote for this decision on their website with the choices of computer engineer, architect, environmentalist, news anchor or surgeon. Though it is now official, Barbie is probably smarter then you.

Feb 13, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics Protests

Got interested in the controversy behind the 2010 Winter Olympics which is something that I think definitely needs to be addressed. Though certain websites for these protesters such as http://www.no2010.com/ hold certain views that I don't agree with. Including not discouraging arson or vandalism of businesses

"Groups that carry out militant direct action are just one part of the anti-Olympics movement. Most do not carry out vandalism or arson. Those that do have targeted corporate sponsors of the Olympics as a form of sabotage (along with police & military targets). This can increase the costs for corporations seeking to profit from the Games, and could potentially deter some corporate investment. All militant direct actions that have occurred have consisted of property damage and no person has been injured as a result."

Statement above was found on their Q&A section. I can not agree with this type of activism, it is to radical and even though they say that "...no person has been injured as a result." I can't help but add a "yet!" at the end of that sentence. Though the situation is pretty FUBARed for those with low income.

Much of the protest stems from the issues of certain low economic housing being cleared out by the owners to make room for the wealthy tourists. Or owners increasing rent rates shortly after Vancouver won the bid for the Olympics causing many who couldn't afford the new rates to vacate. Which then leads some to living on the streets which has caused police to arrest them to help clean up the streets. It is a very vicious cycle that these people have been caught up in.

The other major issue is one that has been around for a while and has recently resurfaced do to the world's eyes turning to BC. Vancouver BC is technically an illegal settlement on "Stolen Native Land" as part of a royal proclamation that requires a treaty before any trade or settlement. Since this law was put in place in 1763 it has actually yet to be resolved between BC and the indigenous people.

Here is a video that hopefully explains it better then I do..

I'm also sad for the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili the 21 year old Georgian luge competitor.