Jan 15, 2010

PDX Street Design

My design for the collaboration screen printing project Dull Pen. I started out illustrating nearly all of Portland's streets (Only have finished the west side completely). I wasn't really in love with the complete map so decided to do a section with the intent later producing a shirt for each area.

This design looked really good on the computer, but since these prints above I printed it on a larger sheet of paper and on to a t-shirt. Still not enjoying what I am turning out. So, not to completely abandon it just yet I am going to take some drawing fluid and splatter/pour it on to the screen using the vinyl as a resist. I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out something good. I do enjoy the sort of random uncontrollable aspect of the application of the drawing fluid. The rest of my group Nawal, Daniel & Chris have turned out images that look really nice and have what I would call human touch in them. Mine, as of now is lacking that. There are some other ideas that could change that for me, but for now we shall try the former.