Oct 18, 2009

ShirtFlag & Jiji

I went and visited the CHINA NOW exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. Lots of great work, but some of the pieces that caught my eye were from a group of artists that are part of a group called Shirtflag (website). They are a fashion brand that makes mostly t-shirts, jeans and various accessories. Their graphics are reworked Chinese clip art that have a modern spin. Probably the reason I was drawn to Shirtflag was because of my interest in Chinese Propaganda and Clip art and how similar my work from Project Propaganda was to theres.

Also! one of their artists JiJi (website , blog) has a group of figures called HiPanda. They had three 3 foot statues of these funny pandas at the PAM. They had some for sale, smaller of course at the PAM shop. I had to buy one, which only set me back $5.

But besides all that, if you have not gone down to the Portland Art Museum to see CHINA NOW you should do it NOW. China is at a exciting time in not only politics, but also art. GO SE THE SHOW! AHH CAPS.