Oct 17, 2009


Shepard Fairey Process video. I admire his work, he has a huge body of work. Starting from a simple screen print he did as a joke with a friend which then spanned into a huge art career. If feel obligated to say (because many others say it) that you either love or hate him.

" I found the Obey Giant campaign repetitive and nauseating. I thought it wasn't really what you would call 'art,' because it didn't change much and it was so overbearing on its surrounding. For some reason, that fucking face always seems to jump out at you even from the smallest little sticker. But if you listen to house music for a straight 10 hours on drugs, the smallest little change becomes very significant. And after a while, you don't ever want that music to change. Somehow, I got sucked into the wrestler's fat little face and now I don't want it to do anything else.
If Shepard Fairy comes to your town, every single graffiti writer gets uptight. We don't like Shepard because he makes us feel scared and lazy. I am absolutely positive he has made more reaches than any graffiti writer in history ever has done or ever will. And that means he's won. Anyway, I once got to go gambling with his wife and she's very lucky."